Adam and Eve Halloween Costumes

Adam and Eve Halloween Costumes

Eve costumeAdam and Eve Halloween costumes fall into that grey area of what I like to think of as “sexy Halloween costumes”.

There won’t be so many of you prepared to go down this path, but there are plenty of ideas out there if you are prepared to bare a bit of flesh. Halloween does seem to be a chance to throw away one or two of your inhibitions without so much comment from those around you so maybe check out this sexy Eve costume.

The classic Adam and Eve costumes obviously have a certain raw appeal but strangely enough are among the most covered of all costumes. They usually come as full flesh-colored jumpsuits with appropriate fig leaves….but you really won’t be shocking anyone with these.

More risqué are things like his and hers Baywatch costumes but it’s only when we come back to the old favorites like Star Wars that there are some real eye-catchers. All of them still “in the best possible taste” you understand, but Princess Leia slave costumes fit this category well.

As you can imagine, there seem to be many more costumes for women than men in this group, so if you are going as a couple, you may need to branch out from pure film characters.

Female Boxer Halloween CostumeJumping to the world of Sport gives us cheerleaders and football players – again more revealing for the ladies, but then how about boxing? Finally the guys get to show some skin if they dare and there are plenty of costumes available for the women too.

Male Boxer Halloween Costume

Obviously you can branch out into many areas if this is how you would like to celebrate Halloween. Looking around at the sexier end of the costume market, I like Totally Costumes as they have a good range of sexy but classy costumes.

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