Adult Couple Halloween Costumes

Adult Couple Halloween CostumesThe rise in demand for adult couple halloween costumes over the last few years has been astonishing. It seems like every year that more and more people are getting into the craze for dressing up at Halloween – especially the adults.

It used to just be a thing for the kids. Getting them dressed up for the night was a fun activity for the whole family and I guess that some of that fun has worn off on the “grown-ups”.

The trouble is that where a child’s outfit could always be just a bit homemade, we adults are always looking for something that’s going to make us stand out a bit. This is doubly difficult if there are two of you going to the same party and as a result you are looking for adult couple halloween costumes rather than just individual outfits.

Obviously the simplest thing to do is to see if you can think of a recent (or not so recent) film in which there were two strong main characters that everyone will recognise. This should give you an immediate boost, as almost all film characters get turned into a costume pretty quickly these days. How about Harry Potter costumes or even something like Captain America costumes. There are countless ways to mix and match characters in this way.

But it doesn’t stop there – think back though your favorite literature and you are sure to find many places where there are two people (or things) in one place in the book. Alice in Wonderland costumes are great for the ladies, but the choice for your partner becomes almost infinite. White rabbit costumes or a Cheshire cat outfit would make a great addition, but you could also look at a Red Queen costume if you want to take your girlfriend with you – or just leave Alice at home and go as the King and Queen of Hearts.

It might seem obvious that you could get some great costume ideas like this, but how about taking things one step further still. This might be for the real gaming addicts out there, but now that console games are starting to rival film and television for box-office revenue it’s clear that there might be games with some greatideas for outfits in them too.

I’ll leave the likes of Halo and Gears of War to the hardcore gamers, but even something as simple as a Mario costume and any one of hundreds of supporting characters would make great costumers for couples.

As we come up to Halloween this year, I’m going to use this blog to see if I can come up with some suggestions for your costumes and also find out where there are some good deals to be had if you want to buy some adult couple halloween costumes for the big night.

Halloween Costume Accessories

Halloween costume accessories are a completely untapped area for making amazing costumes. It doesn’t matter if you are paying for an enormous custom-made costume or if you are putting something together from your existing clothes, Halloween costume accessories can make you so much more convincing in your new role.

Where would Buffy be without her stake, or Eve without her snake (or fig leaves for that matter!)?

Halloween Costume Accessories - Cleopatra WigSo what are the areas where you can make a big difference to your costume without much effort? Starting at the top, the most obvious one is to wear a wig. If you are looking to make a convincing Cleopatra costume and you have blond hair, then a black Egyptian-cut wig will make it all work so much better. Or how about a Johnny Depp wig (and hat) to complete your Captain Jack Sparrow costume?

Small additions in the form of necklaces and bracelets can add small but convincing highlights to existing costumes – the design of any kind of Queen costume should take into account the gold regalia of office.Halloween Costume Accessories - Pitchfork Trident

For the men, the accessories will tend to be weapons (sigh). A Harry Potter needs a wand, and any kind of military figure should be carrying the right tool for the job – although in some cases you can mix these up. So, for example, you could take a trident from a devil costume and add some kind of net. Add both of these to a Roman soldier costume for a more authentic Gladiator outfit. Just make sure you carry any modern looking weapon safely.

Coming down still further, footwear finishes off the whole outfit. Don’t turn up as the gladiator above wearing trainers! Add something close to the look you want and maybe if you like the appearance enough, you could spend more and wear them in normal use….or at least for special occasions. Maybe keep the kinky boots for something more private.

Once you’ve considered all the Halloween costume accessories that are available, you should find little additions that will help most adult couple Halloween costumes that you are trying to put together.